Insta 360

The Insta 360 One, which became available in late 2017, is a small, easy to use and has epic stabilization. It was not without it’s limitations though. For example the camera could only shoot video at 4K resolution which doesn’t really cut it these days. Hence you need to physically connect the camera to your phone to preview your shots.

Enter the Insta360 One X, the sequel to the Insta360 One and a big upgrade in terms of how it shoots video. The Insta360 One X can shoot 5.7K 360 video, 4K at 50fps and 3K at 100fps. Additionally, it features the same (or even slightly better) amazing stabilization. This removes the need for a gimbal and, mercifully, WiFi preview and transfer.

Insta 360 products are available from Drone Works Ireland in Galway City.