DJI Enterprise

Drone Works Ireland are the DJI Enterprise Partner Dealer for Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Enterprise drones are a step above commercial hobby drones. Hence with a design to enhance and revolutionize the efficiency, safety and production of your industry.
Whether it’s getting survey grade accuracy for measurements on a site, monitoring the health and growth of crops, or safely inspecting power lines and infrastructure. Enterprise drones are a game changer in acquiring accurate data for your industry in a way that is faster, safer and far more efficient than traditional means.
Many of our enterprise drones utilize innovative technology for improved results such as:
– RTK GNSS enabled systems for centimeter accuracy.
– Shielding against magnetic and electronic interference for inspections.
– Greater IP ratings against adverse weather conditions.
– Zoom, Thermal, and Multispectral cameras for recording finer detail.
– Additional payloads such as spotlights, speakers and beacons.

For example Enterprise Drones such as the Phantom 4 RTK and Phantom 4 Multispectral RTK, when combined with a D-RTK base station (or Network RTK account) are capable of conducting surveys with centimeter accurate measurements. The multi-spectral also has the ability to monitor light levels as well as analyse plant health and soil quality in finer detail.

The Matrice Series also has RTK functionality as well as a more rugged design with a higher IP rating against harsh conditions and temperatures as well as shielding from magnetic interference. The Matrice 200, 200V2 and the latest 300 series are exceptionally versatile drones capable of carrying multiple camera payloads at once. They are perfect for inspecting buildings, powerlines, wind turbines and construction sites.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise series offers a small portable drone capable of producing thermal imagery. It also has the option for additional attachments such as a speaker and a spot light that make it ideal for monitoring animals and conducting search and rescue operations.

The following are just some of the industries that Enterprise Drones are improving:
– Mining
– Surveying
– Agriculture
– Energy Infrastructure
– Oil and Gas
– Construction
– Search and Rescue and Public Safety

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