The DJI Spark mini drone is perfect for those of us who want the experience of flying a drone.  Hence taking beautiful images and videos without training to be a pro. DJI Spark mini drone is perfect. Though small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. In addition, it comes has enough power and features to meet most casual consumers needs.

The DJI Spark isn’t close in terms of features or camera quality as it’s bigger and more expensive cousins. Those include the Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Air or Pro. Plus, its battery life is also low compared to more powerful camera drones, and the range is limited. But the DJI Spark is not trying to be like its powerful siblings.  However, it is designed for the casual user who just wants to snap a few panoramic pics, shoot a short video from above or simply get a feel of drone flying. Because of its size, the Spark drone can launch from the palm of your hand. And you don’t even need to press a button. Once turned on, it uses an intelligent feature called FaceAware to launch. By recognizing your face, it automatically lifts and hovers in the air.
But if you are looking for a drone to capture cinematic 60fps or 120fps footage, try the Mavic Pro or Mavic 2 Series. One other feature is the HD Wi-Fi technology. It allows the drone to stream 720p footage in real time from as far away as 1.2miles or 2km. This allows for some exciting FPV (first-person view) control.