Filming and Photography

The developments in camera drone technology are some of greatest innovations in the field of photography and video production since the tripod. Aerial footage adds production value to any project and drones offer the ability to capture high quality aerial footage with a high range of motion and minimal set up. Being able to shoot in high resolution as well as RAW and HDR allow for maximum flexibility when it comes to post production. The onboard stability and intelligent flight modes built in  our drones mean that they can replicate shots from cranes, jibs, and dollies and often be used in their place as they require less set up, equipment hire cost and manpower to operate.

We can offer smooth HD footage in resolutions from 8k, 4k, 2.5k, 1080p down to 720p. Many of our drones are capable of capturing footage in high frame rates for slow motion filming.

as well as this, camera drones can capture:

  • High resolution Time lapses
  • 360 panoramas
  • Scan buildings for use in post production

Drone footage and photography is guaranteed to up the production value, quality, and professionalism of your project whether it is for corporate marketing and advertising, or film and documentary.

Our pilots are all trained and IAA accredited with experience in Photography and Video as well as post production, and are able to collaborate and coordinate with clients and Camera Crew in advance in order to achieve the best results.

Filming Services

Drone camera work is perfect for capturing

  • Landscape Photography and Video.
  • Smooth tracking shots of vehicles and people.
  • Nature and wildlife footage.
  • Promotional and advertising content.
  • Establishing Location shots.
  • Construction and Progress photos and video.
  • Slow motion video.
  • Video and photos for presentations and applications.

Filming and Photography and other drone services are available from Drone Works Ireland located in the West of Ireland.
Feel free to reach out to us at 01 2118404 and 091 7008484 or

Filming and Photography Services from Drone Works Ireland
Filming and Photography Drone Services