Building/High Value Asset Inspection

Drone surveying technology allows for the safe and accurate inspection of large and high value assets and infrastructure such as Buildings, Wind turbines, Phone masts, and power lines that would normally be hazardous to inspect by traditional means.

We are able to conduct photo and thermal inspections as well as generate 3D models and issue reports of the assets being surveyed.

This allows for safe, quick and accurate inspections with greater usable data and application for clients.

We can also use drones with enhanced zoom capabilities allowing us to see finer detail and conduct more thorough inspections.

Drone Inspections & Surveys

With a done survey we can also produce:

  • detailed high resolution 2D orthomosaic images
  • measurements of height length  area and volume
  • elevation layers
  • 3D models(.obj) and point clouds(LAS and .XYZ)
  • Annotated reports on Progress and site issues
  • Cut and Fill volumes of stockpiles
  • Distance and Slope measurements
  • Plant health monitoring reports

All of the above can be exported into formats such as Geotiff, Jpeg, PDF, Contour Shapefile, Raw elevation DEM, Contour DXF files for use in Auto CAD and other software.

Building and Design Plans can be overlaid onto orthomosaics and maps generated from repeated flights can also be overlaid on top of each other to better illustrate progress over time.

Carrying out aerial surveys with drones and utilising RTK/GPS measurement recording ensure that when processed each successful drone survey can produce results accurate to within 1-3 cm.


In addition we can generate annotated reports for

  • plant health reports
  • stockpile volume reports
  • Roof inspection reports
  • site surveys progress reports
  • Survey processing and accuracy report

Here are some of the advantages of drone surveying and its outputs:

  • 3D models are a great way for colleagues and clients to visualise data
  • Drone Cameras are capable of taking high resolution images for inspection
  • Drones fitted with Cameras capable of increased optical and digital zoom, allowing for inspections to be conducted with finer detail
  • Drones negate the safety issues associated with traditional inspection
  • Surveying with drones is faster than traditional methods and require no additional hiring of equipment such as cherry pickers, etc
  • Processed surveys can output information and files for use in AutoCAD and other software

Building inspection and other drone services are available from Drone Works Ireland located in the West of Ireland.
Feel free to reach out to us at 01 2118404 and 091 7008484 or

Building Inspection from Drone Works Ireland in Galway City
Building Inspection from Drone Works Ireland in Galway City